Function of wet wipes packaging machine

Date:2020.11.27 Size

Zhengzhou Luchuang Machinery Equipment tells you that the wet wipes packaging machine is the condition for the products to enter the circulation, and the means to realize the packaging is to use packaging machinery. With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, packaging equipment is playing an increasingly important role in the field of packaging. Its main functions are as follows: 1. Wet wipes packaging machine can greatly improve the labor and social productivity of enterprises. Mechanical packaging is much faster than manual packaging. For example, manual sugar packaging can only pack more than ten pieces per minute, while candy packaging machine can reach hundreds or even thousands of pieces per minute, which improves the efficiency by dozens of times. 2. The packaging quality can be effectively guaranteed. The wet towel packaging machine is used to package articles according to the requirements, and the package is obtained according to the desired shape, size and the same specifications, but manual packaging is not guaranteed. This is especially important for export, only packaging machinery can realize standardization, standardization and packaging to meet the requirements of collection. 3. It can realize operations that cannot be realized by manual packaging enterprises. Some packaging operations, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, body-fitting packaging, pressure filling, etc., are all realized by mechanical packaging instead of manual packaging. 4. It can reduce the labor intensity of enterprises and improve the working conditions. The labor intensity of manual packaging is very high. For example, the large and heavy products that are manually packaged are both physical and unsafe; For light and small products, because of high frequency and monotonous movements, workers are prone to occupational diseases. 5. It is beneficial to the labor protection of workers. For products such as serious dust, toxic products, irritant and radioactive products, manual packaging will inevitably endanger health, while some serious health effects of mechanical packaging can be avoided, and the environment can be effectively protected from pollution. 6. Wet wipes packaging machine can reduce the design cost of product packaging and save the storage and transportation costs. Loose products, such as cotton, tobacco, silk, hemp, etc., can be packaged by compression packaging machine, which can greatly reduce the volume and thus reduce the packaging cost. Because the volume is greatly reduced, the storage capacity is saved, the storage cost is reduced, and transportation is facilitated. The company's main products include automatic baby wipes production line, portable wet wipes production line, single wet wipes production line, high-speed wet wipes packaging machine, wet wipes folding machine, solid packaging series and other wet wipes equipment and packaging equipment.