What are the characteristics of wet wipes automatic packaging machine?

Date:2020.11.27 Size

Zhengzhou luchuang machinery equipment co., ltd is an intelligent wet tissue equipment manufacturer integrating r&d, production, sales and technical services. In addition to providing customers with excellent wet wipes equipment, the core business of the company also includes services such as project planning, scheme consultation, workshop design and supporting information provision. The company's main products include automatic baby wipes production line, portable wet wipes production line, single wet wipes production line, high-speed wet wipes packaging machine, wet wipes folding machine, solid packaging series and other wet wipes equipment and packaging equipment. Automatic wet wipes packaging machine is a new generation of packaging equipment independently developed by our technicians in combination with international paper and non-woven fabric packaging equipment. The whole machine adopts the integrated design of light, electricity and gas, and has advanced technology. It is one of the international advanced packaging equipment for paper and non-woven fabrics. The wet towel machine can be used to produce small packaged wet wipes, such as feminine care wet wipes, makeup remover wet wipes, medical disinfection wet wipes, isopropyl alcohol wet wipes and lens wiping wet wipes, computer cleaning wet wipes, shoe wiping wet wipes, aviation wet wipes, catering supporting wet wipes, etc. Product characteristics of automatic wet wipes packaging machine; 1. It is suitable for products with four sides sealed, such as wet wipes, alcohol cotton sheets, cosmetic cotton and disinfectant cloth. 2. PLC touch screen control, stable and lasting operation, simple drive system, simple operation, low operation and maintenance cost, and free setting of single package and double package (alcohol cotton can be used as four packages). 3. Automatic alarm for the fault of the towel machine, with clear display. 4. Positioning and stopping function, without sticking the knife and wasting the envelope 5. The outer cover can be cleaned by choice, with less noise and low pollution. The stainless steel body is beautiful and durable.