Advantages and workflow of automatic wet wipes packaging machine

Date:2020.11.27 Size

1. The packaging process of the full-automatic wet wipes packaging machine is fully automatic without manual operation;
2. The contact parts of materials are made of excellent stainless steel, which meets GMP standards;
3. The full-automatic wet wipes packaging machine can be equipped with different filling devices according to the properties of filling materials;
4. Intelligent detection, filling and sealing with bags, without bags and filling. No bag, no seal;
5. International famous brands are used for important accessories of automatic wet wipes packaging machine.
6. The full-automatic wet wipes packaging machine adopts a 7-inch color Chinese touch screen, which is convenient and intuitive to set the operating parameters of the equipment. At the same time, it has the functions of output statistics and automatic diagnosis of equipment faults, making production management and equipment management more efficient;
7. Intelligent digital display temperature control system, which can automatically compensate the sealing temperature and control the temperature accurately. The sealing failure rate is extremely low.
8. The pneumatic components of the whole machine are all famous brands, which have long service life and convenient maintenance and replacement.
9. Different filling methods can be customized according to customers' needs.
10. production speed: 3600-6000 bags/hour
Workflow of automatic wet wipes packaging machine; Automatic bagging-automatic liquid filling-automatic sealing-automatic coding-finished product output Full-automatic wet wipes packaging machine can greatly save manpower, improve production efficiency and improve the qualified rate of products, which is the first choice for mass production of wet wipes manufacturers! It is also the technical and equipment requirement for enterprises to formulate development strategies. The main products of Zhengzhou Luchuang Machinery Equipment Company include automatic baby wipes production line, portable wet wipes production line, single wet wipes production line, high-speed wet wipes packaging machine, wet wipes folding machine, solid packaging series and other wet wipes equipment and packaging equipment.